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About Me

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Hi, nice to meet you! I'm Aspen, and here are some things about me.


I'm 20 years old. I'm a student and in my free time, I like exploring my sexuality and sharing it with the world. I'm very social and I love meeting new people. I've always liked taking pictures of myself and filming my experiences. I enjoy being on camera, and I love it when you watch me. I'm interested in many fetishes and kinks, and I think it's very hot to have fun with strangers. My femininity and my ass are my biggest assets, and I know exactly how to use them to get you hopelessly hooked. ❤️

Body Characteristics

Height: 5'5

Weight: 110 lbs

Cup size: B cup, extra perky

Hair: Brunette, long

Pussy: Usually shaved

Relationship status: Single AF!

Sexual orientation: Bisexual 🌈

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Shoe size: 7 US

Tattoos: None

Piercings: Just my ears

My Toys

  • Realistic dildo

  • Realistic dildo with balls

  • Lovense "Nora" vibrating dildo

  • Lovense "Lush" egg vibrator

  • Lovense "Domi" wand vibrator (my favorite)

  • BBC Big Black Cock dildo

  • Glass dildo

  • Double penetration dildo

  • Vibrating wand

  • Gem butt plugs (my favorite)

  • Cute nipple clamps

What I Love To Do

  • Jerk-off instructions

  • Rating cocks

  • Moaning and dirty talk

  • Mutual masturbation

  • Pussy play and fingering

  • Clit play

  • Mutual masturbation

  • Watching porn together

  • Live orgasms

  • Multiple orgasms (my record is 20!)

  • Ass play and worship

  • Twerking

  • Spanking all over my body

  • Playing with my tits and nipples

  • Striptease

  • Teasing and grinding

  • Dildo in pussy

  • Double penetration

  • Getting fucked in my pussy and mouth at the same time

  • Boob job with my perfect perky B cups

  • Hand job with my dainty hands

  • Blow job with my soft warm mouth

  • Foot job with my smooth soles

  • Feet and leg worship

  • Foot Massage

  • Oiling my feet

Roleplays I Like

Housewife · Babysitter · Homewrecker · Sister's best friend · 

Best friend · Girlfriend · Schoolgirl · 

Cuckoldress · Nurse · Wife · 

Mistress · Roommate · Kidnapper · 

Stripper · Sugar baby · Casting · 

Fantasy character

I love being creative and coming up with new roleplay ideas!

Femdom Fetishes

Find out about all the femdom variations I cover and how I do them. Boundaries are discussed before every session and aftercare is essential to my approach to femdom. I focus on psychological and physical pleasure rather than strict punishments and cruelty. I pride myself on having an individual and customized approach that lets me make your fantasies come true in a way that is closest to your own imagination. Read thoroughly and decide what type of femdom fetish suits you best. 


Gentle Femdom

Good boy, just like that. Keep making me happy and you will get rewarded.

  • Let me show you the gentle side of femdom. Instead of punishments, there are rewards to keep you wanting to be a good boy for me. This type of femdom is best for beginners and softer good boys. 


Financial Domination

I am never satisfied. Pay. Up. Now. Your money is safer with me, just let go into that truth.

  • Financial domination, or findom, is one of my biggest turn-ons. What makes this one of my specialties is my background in hypnosis. I know how to get you into a trance that feels too good to stop. Prove to me you are a good boy $50 at a time, I love seeing those numbers stack up and your bank account digits get lower and lower. To indulge in this fetish, there is an additional $30 fee.


Goon instructions

Why fight it? Letting go feels so good. Ass and pussy surrounds you, let porn penetrate your mind.

  • This fetish can involve us watching porn together and mutually gooning.

JOI - Jerk Off Instructions

Up and down, long thorough strokes for me. Let me decide the pace, you won’t last long now.

  • Even though many “vanilla” people enjoy a hot girl telling them what to do with their cock, in this scenario JOI takes a more dominant approach. I take full control of your mind and body and play around with it to make you feel good.


CEI - Cum Eating Instructions

Be a good boy and lick it all up. Every. Single. Drop. Devour the forbidden juices. 

  • I know you always wanted to try it. Maybe you even succeeded a few times. It’s time to make your fantasy a reality. I will make you crave it until you can’t help but cum in your own mouth. 

Worship - General, Foot, Ass

I am a superior Goddess. A force of nature amongst mortals. Bow down and kiss my perfect feet. Look up and admire my juicy ass. Worship your Goddess.

  • Worship can give a submissive the feeling of letting go from the everyday struggles. Complete devotion to your Goddess in that exact moment is freeing. Submitting to someone totally, even for just one session, is an experience many crave in order to get a relief from focusing on other things in real life.


My little piggy, let’s see how many calories you can shove into your cake hole this time.

  • I love watching you destroy your body for me and my pleasure. This taboo fetish is a new fun toy of mine. Weather you are a hopeless gym rat or an already too far gone fatsy, I will force you to push the limits of your stomach, only to make room for more next time.


  • Why would I even bother writing out something about this fetish. You’re just gonna have to use your imagination while you look at those three little dots with your dick in your hand.



4… 3… 2… Let’s see how desperate you’ll get for me to reach 1.

  • Countdowns are so fucking fun for me to do. I love watching you get more and more desperate with every countdown. Closely related to edging, countdown takes your pleasure and builds on it rather than letting it be released. Every new countdown feels twice as good as the previous one.


Obedience training

I will drop task upon task on your weak brain until you are fully submitted and committed to obeying every single command I give you.

  • For those seeking to be the best good boy, to reach the heights of your submission. Explore with me how far you can go, how much of yourself you can give to me. Tasks are an essential part of obedience training. With each task a submissive completes, they get a rush of dopamine that feels oh so good. The praise from completing the task is the cherry on top.


You got yourself into a lot of trouble this time. You were reckless, foolish. Now I can demand whatever my heart pleases and you will obey. Or else…

  • Let go of the control over your future. What happens now if up to me. Before each session, it is discussed how far we will take it before the roleplay starts. This is the only time where you may give me your personal information. I am bound by the rules of every website, as well as by ethics, to keep your information safe. That is, until you cross a previously discussed line and I show you how far I’m willing to take it. Just obey and everything will be alright, pet.

Submissive Fetishes

I am NOT naturally submissive.

However, I do enjoy a very small amount of submissive fetishes:

Orgasm Control

  • Control my pleasure

Cock Worship

  • I want to make your cock feel so good


My Favorites

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Color: Pink for wearing it, blue for looking at it

Favorite Movie: I love all the Marvel movies up until phase 4. I'm a huge Marvel nerd, I can talk about it for hours!

Favorite Flower: Tulips 🌷

Favorite game: I'm not a gamer, but I enjoy some mobile game. My favorite one is Animal Restaurant, I have over 250K stars!

Aspen Mey in smiling at you wearing a red collar and tiny red shorts

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you single?

Yep! I'm very much single. I love meeting new people and having fun with them.

Do you show your face?

I only show the bottom half of my face.

Can we meet up?

No, I don't do meet ups.

How can I chat with you?

I reply to subscribers on Fansly and Snapchat daily in my free time. If you want my full, undivided attention, you can book a sexting session for 50% off and we can talk about anything you'd like.

Where are you from?

I don't reveal my location for privacy reasons. 

What I Don't Do

Activities I don't do:

Spitting, squirting, anal in live show, fisting, extreme stretching, ass to mouth, public play, choking, blood (real or fake), period blood, vomit, pee on cam.

Fetishes I don't do:

Mommy or daddy roleplay, extreme cruelty and sadism, brat taming, resisting by either you or me, bathroom control, long-term ownership, incest fantasies (including step-family), age play under 18, degradation or humiliation based on race or religion, mentioning minors in a sexual way, rape play and rape fantasies.

These are my hard limits, don’t ask fo
r any variation of these fetishes.

Other fetishes not mentioned depend on the situation.

Keep in mind that some more extreme fetishes are banned by most adult sites. Check the Terms of Service of the website you want to contact me on if your fetish is extreme.

If it's banned on the site, ask me about it via email HERE.

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